Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goddesses with Happy Endings

Today I'm working on several paintings from the same series. I'm interested in re-telling  the endings of myth's and stories that use the divine feminine as a central theme.Growing up I remember how annoyed I was as a female when goddesses, and other stories involving women had such unhappy visually I am giving them a do-over, a pass to be joyful, the endings I wished for, and the one's I want for my daughters. 
This is a weaving I'm working on.I'll add more photo's as the work progresses .This piece is titled "Ophelia Reconsiders" I'm weaving on a linen Warp with hand dyed silk and wool weft . I started this as a painting and decided I would weave it first before finishing the canvas,so I took it off the stretcher bars and placed it behind the warp....weaving gives me time to contemplate, and surprisingly the structure provided by the warp threads forces creative thinking in color and design choices.  You can see more of my work when  you stop by my website.